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Play system games cost effectively, using reduction of minimum 5 and minimum 4
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Basically, you need guess 6 numbers against the 6 numbers of the lottery draw. If you wish to improve your chances significantly, you can play system games, and by doing so, you can mark more than 6 numbers on every lottery panel, like 10 or 11 or 12 or more. The only problem with system games, is that they are very expensive. A system game of 12, will cost you like 924 panels. For that drawback, LottoJet comes to your help, and offer you a plan to play system games cost effectively. With LottoJet, a system game of 12 will cost you 68 panles using "Guarantee 5", or 10 panels using "Guarantee 4".
The meaning of guarantee 5 is, that if you manage to guess all 6 numbers of the lottery draw - you got 5 for sure ! Same is for guarantee 4, you ensure yourself a winning of 4, if you guess all 6 numbers of the lottery draw. With LottoJet you can choose a system game from 8 to 30.
A major feature of LottoJet, is the Print Manager it has. LottoJet support the printing layout of 25 lottery games world wide, with a printing calibration mechanism to adjust your printer for the most accurate printing results.
LottoJet also has a winning report to let you know how successful was your lottery bet.

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